SEO Audit for Small Business Websites

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SEO Audit for Small Business Websites

Website Audit Service is a structured objective analysis which helps to prolong and enhance the life of your website. The audits are normally performed by me, Tommy Oddo a freelance web designer, internet developer, and WordPress expert with more than 15 years of experience doing website audits. Website audits basically look at the website from different perspectives and then provide detailed reports on how you can make the website better.

Website audits are very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose. SEO is the process of improving the quality and traffic of the website through organic means by getting in the way of unwanted or duplicate content and keywords. An SEO professional is the one who is qualified enough to carry out this activity effectively. The main task of the SEO professional is to look into the back-link of the website for any excessive link building and unnecessary submissions to the directory. This action leads to the low page ranking or the black hat method, which results in loss of customers and profits for the company.

If you are planning for website audit service then first of all create a well-developed checklist for the audit service. You can start with the most important items such as the Contact details, the Content, the Technical Implementation, the design structure, the navigation, logo and the overall appearance of the website. All these areas should be well documented in the checklist so that you can track the progress throughout the entire process. While conducting the technical audit, it is vital to check the pages properly so that there no errors in coding or structural flaws. Checklist can include the payment processor settings, cookies, FTP access settings, the search engine optimization (SEO) friendly content, login area, login control, error messages, the FTP upload settings, page title, page description, page title with Meta tags, page rank, page search engine result, and website link.

Once you complete the list of the areas for your website audit service, you need to identify the actions that have to be carried out to make each area improve. First of all you need to identify the action points in your checklist. There are many reasons for having an action plan for every area of the business; it helps in getting organized and taking decisions. After you have completed the action points then you need to create a timetable for the improvement of the specific areas. For instance, you can state in your action plan that the page ranking should be improved within a month, so that the page ranking will be on the top pages of the search engine result.

There are many other ways of making your technical aspects improve. When you start using a checklist for your website audit service you should create a report for each part of the project. This will help you to check the progress and find out where the gaps are in the process. The report should also include the summary of the areas where improvements are needed. For example, if you found that most of the pages on the site are not properly navigated, then the technical aspects will need to be improved, as this will affect the usability of the site.

While you create the website audit service project schedule, you should also create an action plan for each stage. If you are planning to change the code of the site, you should set up the audit procedure in detail. The detailed report should include the technical aspects that you have checked out, the benefits, and the possible problems.

In addition to the action plan, you should create a comprehensive SEO audit checklist. There are many SEO companies who offer this type of services. You can easily locate them online. Many SEO firms provide audits and reviews on a regular basis. These companies will help you find the problems with your site architecture or the design of the web pages. SEO audit checklist contains links that lead you to SEO audit reports that contain all necessary information that you need to make the necessary changes.

You should use the checklist in creating the SEO audit service project schedule. This includes tasks such as link building, content writing, content optimization, and organic search engine marketing. To conclude the audit, you should create a work plan to address all the areas that were checked. However, before making changes, you should talk to a small business consultant to make sure that the changes are appropriate for your website and your small business needs. A good SEO audit is effective when done according to a schedule, which is very helpful for small businesses that cannot afford to do a complete SEO audit at one time.

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