How SEO Audit Services Can Help You

When it comes to online marketing, you can’t afford to take chances. There are so many new and improved products out there, and you can’t afford to miss out just because you didn’t realize it. That’s why it’s smart to do your own SEO audits of your sites to keep abreast of emerging trends and make the necessary adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. With an SEO audit, you can also learn exactly what search engines are looking for in a page and how to improve it, which is exactly what you need to do in order to increase your page rank and get your business noticed by visitors to your website.

SEO Audit Services

The standard SEO audit takes about one week. During this time, WebFX performs a complete analysis and evaluation of your web site with special SEO audit services to figure out the most appropriate approach for you going forward and give helpful advice on what to immediately change so your site performs even better in organic searches moving forward. During the course of this time, WebFX identifies any error pages, any SEO friendly fixes that could be made, and outlines the new approach you should take as well. It also identifies any issues that could arise and how to address them to maximize your impact with the search engines. Finally, it gives you recommendations on what additional changes you should make to optimize your site for the search engines in particular with WebFX.

One of the primary ways that companies fight against duplicate content penalties and get their pages listed in the search engines is by staying on top of ever changing changes in the search engine’s algorithms. Duplicate content penalties, while they’re still in place, have caused some companies to lose their ranking places because they were not quick enough to make the necessary adjustments to their sites. WebFX audits offer SEO companies and individual entrepreneurs the ability to keep up with changing search engine trends so your company is always in compliance, ready to capitalize on any opportunities presented themselves. A search engine’s algorithm is constantly being updated, and this means that your company has to stay ahead of the game and be ready to capitalize when opportunities present themselves. Through the use of SEO audit services, you can do just that.

With the use of an SEO auditor, you can easily see your efforts are paying off. WebFX provides a comprehensive list of all changes that took place throughout the year, as well as the reason for those changes and the effect they had on your organic search results. This makes it possible for you to quickly identify areas for improvement. Additionally, the SEO audit services will outline how each part of your site was affected by a penalty and what the end result was. For example, did you receive a penalty for duplicate content? Or, did you suffer a loss because of duplicate content, but were able to successfully adjust the title tags to gain back your rank?

If your on-page seo audit services show that your website has suffered penalties, it is important to act fast. Each penalty has a specific amount of time it takes to make changes and will have an effect on your ranking. You do not want to suffer the penalty after penalty, especially if you have spent time and money making improvements to your web pages and generating traffic, and then all of a sudden find your rankings go down.

What’s next? The next step is for SEO auditors to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your site. First, they will look over your keyword analysis, your URL structure, your link structure, your internal linking structures, your Meta tags, and more. All of these areas will be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. It will seem like you have spent hours upon hours on your optimization efforts, but the truth is, you only spent a few minutes on each of these areas, but the final results can have a far-reaching effect on your ranking.

Once SEO audits are complete, the SEO expert will then discuss the main goals of your site with you. If you are not aware of your main goals, then you will not be able to effectively communicate them with the SEO consultant. He or she will also help you make sure that you are meeting your main goals, which is by increasing organic traffic to your website, and lowering your bounce rate, or rate of visitors who leave the page within a short period of time. This saves you valuable time, effort, and potential revenue.

SEO is an ever-changing field, so if you want to stay on top of what’s happening, it is vital that you get an SEO audit from time to time. Organic SEO continues to grow in popularity, but even more so now that social media sites have become an integral part of the overall search engine optimization picture. With all of the changes taking place, it is important for SEO companies to stay on top of what’s happening, no matter how small it may seem. An SEO audit is just one way that SEO firms can make sure they stay up to date with the latest trends and developments, allowing them to deliver only the best possible services to their clients.

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