6 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Website Audit Service

A website audit is almost like a doctor’s visit – where a patient comes to a doctor for an exam. The same way that a routine medical exam will examine, diagnose and suggest certain things regarding a patient’s health, a website evaluation will examine, find and correct the website’s defects. And the site auditor will be as thorough as necessary to make sure the site is up to the standards required by the search engines for it to be found. If the site isn’t up to the required standards, the website’s visibility could be jeopardized and could lead to a loss of income for the company or individual operating the site.

Search engines for the Internet are an integral part of how we surf and locate information. It is important to search engines that your website complies with their standards. This includes ensuring that there are no broken links within the page, that there are no broken images, that all pages are properly formatted and that the text is easy to read. The website auditor for your site must keep these aspects in mind at all times when reviewing your site and recommending adjustments and corrections. Here are some tips on finding the best site audit service for you.

First, ask the company or individual running the site for references. You should ask at least three people for references and get their feedback on the website audit services they used. Ask what errors were made in your site, how long the site took to review, the site’s usability and accessibility for disabled users, and how often they got back to them to let them know of any problems. You should also ask how long the company or individual had been in business, and whether or not they have a good history of delivering quality service.

Second, ask what type of site review services they offer, and make sure they have an expert review the site’s structure, content, design, etc. as, well. You should also inquire if they offer site audits for other websites as well. The more experience they have in the type of site you’re reviewing, the better they will be able to find the site’s defects, and offer suggestions for fixes.

Third, ask about the site’s content. Ask to see the entire site and read it over. Make sure it is in it’s original format and that means it has no broken links or image files. The site should be easy to navigate and should read smoothly.

Fourth, request a company’s reputation. You may ask how many complaints they have received, and make sure you understand what type of complaints the company has received. You may also ask how long they have been in business and how many customers they have.

Fifth, ask about their references and experience working with your site. And ask to see samples of previous sites reviewed.

Sixth, ask if they have any recommendations for changes in your site’s structure or content. Finally, ask how often your site is reviewed and checked for its usability. A company or individual that can answer all six questions you ask should be able to provide a professional recommendation about your site’s condition and suggest potential improvements. Remember, a well-run website will deliver the highest quality results.

Using a website audit service can ensure that your site meets the criteria outlined above and does not compromise the integrity of the content or information it contains. It will also help you and your company stay current with the ever-changing Internet and ensure that all your sites, such as your home page and contact page, are accessible by those with disabilities.

This is not a task you want to do on your own. Instead, you should enlist the help of a website audit service. In the long run, a service that reviews your website will allow you to focus on other important things while letting the site is updated and safe.

Make sure you thoroughly ask your company about these questions. If they do not have all the answers, choose a different company.

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